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Wide awake hand and wrist surgery is available for patients, with a fast recovery time, and less pain.

Now available in Chicago at Belmont / Harlem Surgery Center, many hand surgery procedures can now be performed under local anesthesia. At our outpatient surgery center we use a technique called WALANT, which stands for Wide Awake Local Anesthesia No Tourniquet.



Q: What procedures can be completed with the WALANT technique?

A: A number of procedures can be completed on an outpatient basis using the WALANT procedure including carpal tunnel release, trigger finger release, tendon repair, removal of excess tissue.

Q: Can I still have anesthesia for my procedure? 

A: The wide awake hand procedure means no sedation, no tourniquet, and no general anesthesia for hand surgery, with only minimal medications given to the patient.

Even in our outpatient surgery center, patients who would rather receive anesthesia still have that option. This new procedure makes healing from a variety of conditions an option for patients who have a higher risk of general anesthesia complications.

Q: Why is this surgery less expensive than others?

A: This procedure is cost affordable to patients as compared to a hospital stay or most expensive treatment options. These procedures produce less medical waste and are overall better for the environment. For all these reasons, patients experience a lower cost procedure when compared to a hospital stay. 


Q: Why should I consider the WALANT procedure?

A: Wide awake hand procedure means no sedation, no tourniquet, and no general anesthesia for hand surgery, with only minimal medications given to the patient. That means faster recovery time form the procedure. 

This procedure provided at our surgery center also means a faster return to home and work. We offer convenient scheduling options to fit your lifestyle. 


Q: How do I schedule an appointment?

A: Call our office at 773-889-2000, we can direct you to our team of providers who can help your learn more.  


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Career opportunities for Belmont Harlem Surgery Chicago
We are pleased to announce that we now offer minor hand surgery. With advances in local anesthesia, procedures can be accomplished while the patient is fully awake. This allows for faster recovery time and less pain after surgery.”
– Dr. Todd R. Rimington
Hand Surgery
Career opportunities for Belmont Harlem Surgery Chicago
“As healthcare is evolving, so is the ability for surgery centers to provide the same quality of care as a traditional hospital surgery, with personalized care in an outpatient setting.”
– Dr. Todd R. Rimington


Belmont / Harlem Surgery Center was featured on American Health Front, programming dedicated to providing viewers with education on healthcare technologies, the latest treatments, and discoveries.

Our segment featured guest expert, Belmont / Harlem’s Medical Director, Dr. Rimington, highlighting the benefits of outpatient surgery care.

Thank you for the overwhelming positive feedback from patients and associates on the televised success. The segment is available here for your viewing convenience.

BHSC seen on TV


American Health Front is programming dedicated to educating the public on healthcare technologies, providing our viewers with valuable information on the latest treatments and discoveries. Each half hour program consists of news reports that introduce our audience to local health care specialists utilizing current techniques that are changing lives. The program is produced in a commercial free format that allows for a full 30 minutes of content.



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